Sept 15 – 18

Handing in Digital Assignments

  • If you are submitting assignment that you did on a computer or other device please share it with me in Google Drive. You must use your CBE Google Account to share it or else I will not receive it. Please name the file with the following format
    • Name – Block – Assignment
    • Ex (Jeremy Lang – 7C – Challenge Reflection)

Grade 7

  • We began looking at the various tools and equipment that we have in the Construction and Design Studio. The students were asked to try and find the following information about the tools and equipment they selected:
    • Where and when did the tool originate?
    • Who invented it?
    • How much does a modern version cost in Canadian dollars?
    • What is it for and how do you use it?
    • Are there different types and if so, what are they?

Grade 8 & 9

  • The students began working through the design thinking process to create a name tag for someone else. If they are new to the program then they were invited to create a name tag representing themselves instead.

Mr. Lang

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