3D Design, Programming, & Robotics

As we move forward in Construction and Design the Grade 7 and 8 students are going to get a small, be that very small, taste of a number of different disciplines so that they can be better informed when selecting their own projects. They will have an opportunity to work in 3D design, programming, robotics,

Construction & Design 7, 8, & 9

This week we are finishing off the Representative Name Tag challenge. Those of you not able to finish during this class will have time next class to do so. Remember that this will be visible to about 220 other students so please put forth your best effort. I will be collecting all of the work you did

Life Skills 9-23

For next class please log into IRIS and enter information for the three areas on the left hand side. Remember that you are able to edit/modify this information at any time, it is visible to all of your teachers, and will carry with you when you go to highschool. Please return the Human Sexuality permission

Construction & Design – Day 2

Today we began looking at Design Thinking and the creative process by exploring the creation of a representative name tag. Please finish your Prototype for next class and remember that you need to have your name on your name tag and it cannot be any larger than 8cm x 8cm x 4cm. Below is the

Lifeskills 9-23

Today I collected the rough copies of your resumes. Some of you did not have them ready even though we began this back in December. Regardless, I will be providing some feedback and if anyone is planning on creating a resume to help them get a job then I will be more than happy to

Semester 2 – First Few Days

It is always awesome getting to meet some new students and introduce them in the world of Construction and Design. During the first class we went over an introduction, the course outline, brief tour, and saw some examples of past work. The students are asked to show you the course outline and either have you

Life Skills 9-23

Please make sure that you bring your completed practice high school registration forms with you to the next class. Also, you will need to have completed the rough draft of your resume as we will be working with this. For more information please see the post from December 16.

Construction & Design – End of Semester 1

I was very impressed by the quality and variety of work completed by the students at all three grade levels especially since I was not sure what to expect. The students had an opportunity to reflect on their learning with respect to the creating, appraising, and communicating outcomes of the CTF curriculum. I used this

Life Skills 9-23

Here are the links to forms that we were working on today. Please finish them by next class. Remember that you can submit your answers and then go back at a later time and add on, edit, or do them again. Results Reporting Questions Life Skills Questions

Create, Appraise, & Communicate Responses

There are not many classes left and as a result I am trying to gather more information about your learning. Here is a link to the form that you can film out to provide me more information about your learning related to creating, appraising, and communicating. C & D – Create, Appraise, & Communicate Form