First Challenge Reflection

Awesome job with your first challenges. Remember, the reasons we did the challenge was to: have you work with others; start creating using simple supplies and making complex structures; understand that it may take you much longer and it might be much harder to create what you want than you think; and most importantly to

9-29 Class Name

Thank you to those of you that stepped up to come up with our “sign,” poster, and outfit. Please remember to let everyone in the class know so that we are good to go for the Pep Rally on Wednesday, September 16. Next class we are going to continue with the “What can I do

Construction and Design

We are starting to work on a challenge to get us thinking about design and problem solving. Each grade has a different challenge. Below are the supplies that each grade gets in order to solve their challenge:

What an Awesome Homeroom

I am super excited to have 9-29 as my homeroom this year. Everyone has been respectful, helpful, and just plain awesome. Please have all of your forms in by Friday, September 4. Give them to Mr. Morgan if you cannot find me For next class, Wednesday, Sept 9 Think of ways of incorporating our class

I am not longer accepting work.

The students have had close to a month of reminders to be able to get their work in so that it can be evaluated to reflect their level of learning in their designing, creating, appraising, and communicating with respect to their challenge.

Construction & Design

We have very few classes left and it is incredibly important that everyone is keeping up with their work. I require your planning / design work and also your project reflections before: A Block – Friday, June 12 B Block – Monday, June 15 C Block – Tuesday, June 16 I am going to begin

Life Skills 9-23 – STI Presentations

You are being asked to create a presentation, with a partner, that is between 2 & 4 minutes long (keep it to the point). You are being asked to include the following: What is the STI How can you get it / causes What it looks like (include image even if graphic) Symptoms How to treat

Finished Projects

Some students have already finished a project which is awesome, and others have just selected their projects and begun their design plan. Remember that it is much easier to do your planning at home and then work on the building of your project at school. Once you are finished a project please do the following: Let

The Planning Begins

Construction & Design All of the students have now started to plan their project. Some of them have finished this stage already and are currently beginning to work on their projects. I encourage you to talk to your child about the project they have selected and how they plan on approaching it. These are the

Life Skills 9-23 – Drug Presentation

Today you were given the task of creating a presentation on a specific drug that your group selected. You are asked to include the following: Name of drug (scientific, common, and street names) Where it is made How it is made Picture of the drug Physical effects find pictures if you can Psychological effects Long