Sept 21-23

Handing in Digital Assignments

  • If you are submitting assignment that you did on a computer or other device please share it with me in Google Drive. You must use your CBE Google Account to share it or else I will not receive it. Please name the file with the format below and send it to
    • Name – Block – Assignment
    • Ex (Jeremy Lang – 7C – Challenge Reflection)

Grade 7

  • You were given more class time to finish the Tool Research assignment and they will be due on the following dates:
    • 7A – Wednesday, September 30
    • 7B – Thursday, October 1 
    • 7C – Friday, October 2
    • Some of the classes began brainstorming about themselves as part of the Design Thinking Process in order to create a representative name tag.

Grade 8 & 9

  • The students continued working through the design thinking process to create a name tag for someone else. If they are new to the program then they were invited to create a name tag representing themselves instead.
  • For next class please have your prototype finished so that we can begin working on final version of the name tag. Below are the requirements as discussed in class.
    • Draw you your plan/design to scale.
    • Show your design from at least two different perspectives (remember everything has thickness)
    • Include measurements of the different elements, not just the overall size
    • Must include name and block
    • Cannot be larger than 8cm x 8cm x 3cm.

Mr. Lang

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