January 4 – 6

We are in the final stretch before the end of the semester. It is important that students stay focused in all of their classes and do their best to keep up and get help when needed.

C & D 7, 8, & 9

  • We have 6 classes left counting today so lets get busy. If you have not completed the explore, plan, and design portions then please have those finished for next class so that you can start working on creating your project.
  • Make sure that you are continuing to collect evidence of your learning as this is very important to allow me to accurately assess some of the outcomes.
  • The Construction & Design Studio is generally open by 8am, at lunch, and after school until about 4:30 for you to come in and work.
  • Many students have still not submitted their explore, plan, & design work so that I can provide further feedback.

Life Skills 9-29

Mr. Lang

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