The Final Push

I am doing my best to keep the Construction & Design Studio open before school, at lunch, and after school so that students can work on their projects.

Please be advised that the students have had reminders for the entire month and January regarding due dates and expectations. They  have been reminded to check HomeLogic to see their current level of learning and achievement on their activities. This is to ensure that they are caught up and at a level they are comfortable with.

Life Skills 9-29

Construction & Design 7, 8, & 9

  • Due dates
    • Everyone – Explore, Plan, & Design – Now, as this should have been submitted as you started your project
    • 7A, 8A, 9A – Collecting of Evidence – Monday, January 25
    • 7B, 8B, 9B – Collecting of Evidence – Tuesday, January 26
    • 7C, 8C, 9C – Collecting of Evidence – Wednesday, January 27
  • If you hand in anything digitally (Google Drive, Email, etc) then please name it properly. The name of the file must include your name, block, and what it is (ex. Jeremy Lang – 7C – Explore, Plan, & Design)
  • Please also remember to put your name and  block on anything else you put into the hand in bin.

Mr. Lang

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