March 11, 14, & 15

All Students

  • Please hand in all of the explore, plan, and design work including your prototype for your name tag if you have not already done so.

Grade 7

  • Once students feel comfortable using Scratch they will be doing one of the following:
    • Create a presentation that is all about you. The purpose of this is to have you start figuring out some of the tools. Below is the criteria for this:
      • At least 3 things about yourself
      • At least one clickable thing
      • An image of yourself
      • At least one movement
      • At least one custom sprite or background\
      • At least one sound
      • Another way of interacting with your presentation besides clicking on something
    • More Advanced – Create something that is useful (think of a tool / program that can help people with some aspect of their life)


Grade 8

  • Once students feel comfortable using TinkerCad, through Project Ignite,¬†and have finished the main tutorial they will be creating a 3D model of a tool or piece of equipment in the Construction and Design room.
    • To do this they go to TinkerCad and log in the same way.
    • The 3D model must be to scale and with an accuracy within 1 mm.
    • The more curves and angles an object has the more difficult it is to produce.

Grade 9

  • Many students continue to work on their name tags. Those that have finished are now starting to think about their independent projects. More¬†information will be given about this in the next few classes.

Mr. Lang

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