March 30, 31, & April 1

All Students

  • Please check HomeLogic regarding your Name Tag Assignment. If it says “NHI” that means I did not receive it (either you did not hand it in, or that you forgot to put your name or block on it), “I” means that you likely did not hand in everything that was needed (the explore, plan, and design work including your prototype), and “COM” means that everything should be fine. Please read the comments and work on the areas that you are “Not Yet Meeting” so that we can see growth.

Grade 7

  • Students are finishing their Scratch projects. Remember to hand them in clock on “File,” “Download to Computer,” and then name the file with the following format Name – Block – Assignment (eg. Jeremy – 7A – Scratch). You then upload the file to Google Drive and share it with
  • Once this is completed students will begin working on a site called Project Ignite that was developed by Autodesk and explores 3D designing through their software called Tinkercad. Click here to go to Project Ignite. To access the site:
    • Click Log In
    • Click on “More Providers”
    • Click “Google” and login using your CBE Google Account
    • Click on Projects
      • Search for “Learn” and click on “Let’s Learn Tinkercad”
    • You will work through the tutorial by following the information on the left side.

Grade 8

  • Students are finishing their 3D Design Challenges. To hand it in:
    • Click on “Design,” “Properties,” and then rename the file using the following format (Name – Block – Assignment) eg. Jeremy – 8A – 3D Design)
    • Then click on “Design,” “Download for 3D Printing,” and click STL. This will download the file
    • From here go to Google Drive and upload the file and share it with me.
  • After you will be creating a working model / prototype to solve a problem at Tom Baines school. You can do this by yourself or in small groups no larger than 3. You will get more information in class.

Grade 9

  • Students are starting to plan for their independent project. There is a lot involved when working through the entire design process to be able to create a project. Remember to use the checklist to help you with this and remember to collect evidence of your learning each and every class.
  • It is often work to work by yourself but you may also work in small groups if you are taking on a larger project. You might want to decide who gets to take it home in the end though. Each person much do their own “Collecting Evidence of Learning,” but the explore, plan, design, and create can be done as a group.
  • Here is a link to the Independent Project.

Mr. Lang

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