April 7, 8, 11

I wanted to say thank you to all of my students for working with my substitutes over the week prior to and after Spring Break as there were was a death in my family as well as a wedding.

From what I can tell we are continuing to tick along mostly on schedule. Remember that you decide your pace but if most students have completed something and you are still working on it then you might want to consider putting some time into it outside of class.

It is important to keep up with your work because students will not be allowed to start their independent projects until they have completed all other assignments to at least the Satisfactory level.

Grade 7

  • Students should have finished and handed in their Scratch assignments.
  • Students are continuing to work on the Project Ignite tutorial and then moving on to their Tinkercad assignment. For this students are asked to create a 3D object that they will be sharing with me.
    • If students are wanting to print the object then its dimensions cannot be larger than 3cm (x or y axis) x 6cm (x or y axis) x 0.5cm (z axis)
      • Please also add the word “print” to the name of your file so that I know that you want it printed.
    • To hand it in click on  “Design,” “Properties,” and then name the file with the following format Name – Block – Assignment (eg. Jeremy – 7A – Scratch). Then click on “Design,” “Download for 3D Printing,” and click on “STL”. You then upload the file to Google Drive and share it with jplang@educbe.ca.

Grade 8

  • Students should have finished and handed in their Tinkercad project.
  • Many students have started to create a working model / prototype to solve a problem at Tom Baines school. You can do this by yourself or in small groups no larger than 3.

Grade 9

  • Students are continuing to work on planning for their independent projects. See the last post for more information.

Mr. Lang

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