Only 10 Classes Left

Wow has this semester gone by quickly. We only have 10 classes left. Though this might not seem like that many it is actually approximately 1/3 of the total number of classes.

I have been working hard with the students to represent their learning at a level that is acceptable based on their grade level. At this point in the year they are close to being Grade 8, 9, & 10 students. As a result, students have been improving their work to demonstrate a mastery level before being able to move on to other things.

Grade 7

  • Students have had a brief introduction to some of the larger wood and metal working equipment and they have been given a small piece of wood and metal and asked to do the following:
    • Wood – Cut, sand, and drill
    • Metal – Cut, bend, punch, and rivet

Grade 8

  • Some students are just finishing the working model / prototype project whereas others have almost completed the planning for their independent projects and will soon begin working on these.

Grade 9

  • Some students have finished the planning of their independent projects and have begun to work on them. I am always amazed with what the students come up with.

Mr. Lang

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