Crunch Time

We are in our last three weeks of official classes before exams and there is still a great deal of work to get done.

Construction and Design

  • We have only 4 remaining classes of Construction and Design. Unfortunately we are about 3 to 5 classes behind where I would like to be this semester as it took many students much longer to complete their assignments prior to starting their independent projects.
  • In order to provide a thorough assessment of the students based on the four outcomes (explore and design; create; appraise; and communicate) I am requesting that work be handed in on the dates below:
    • Independent Project Explore /  Plan / Design – This is all of the work you did for your independent projects before starting to build or create it.
      • A Block Thursday, June 2
      • B Block – Friday, June 3
      • C Block Monday, June 6
    • Collecting Evidence of Learning – This is your daily reflection, your final entry based on your goal, and the signed checklist. This is all to be handed in even if your project is not yet completed.
      • A BlockFriday, June 10
      • B Block Monday, June 13
      • C BlockTuesday, June 14
  • Please remember when sharing files with me on the computer you must name the file properly (Name – Block – What it is)
    • ex. Jeremy Lang – 7C – Independent Project Plan   or   Jeremy Lang – 8A – Collecting Evidence.

Mr. Lang

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