February 19, 22, & 23

Grade 7 The students continued working through the design thinking process to create a name tag representing who they are. For next class please have your prototype finished so that we can begin / continue working on the final version of the name tag. Below are the requirements as discussed in class. Draw you your plan/design

Feb 16, 17, & 18

Points of Reflection Appraise our Learning = Thinking about: what worked; what did not work; changes you made; what can I / should I do next; general thoughts; and what I still need to learn Communicate / Demonstrate our Learning = explaining / showing what happened or what I did; provide reasons / rationale for your

February 5, 8, & 9

Grade 7 We completed our tallest structure challenge today. Some were much more successful than others though as the students found out the real purpose of this challenge had nothing to do with building. Please reflect on what you did and saw by responding to the following questions: What did you contribute to supporting your

Semester 2 – We Keep Getting Better

I appreciate all the feedback given from students in Semester 1 as I continually look to improve what we do in the class. This is the fourth time teaching this program and each time it has been different. If you have suggestions, ideas, concerns, or things that you enjoyed or you think worked please let

The Final Push

I am doing my best to keep the Construction & Design Studio open before school, at lunch, and after school so that students can work on their projects. Please be advised that the students have had reminders for the entire month and January regarding due dates and expectations. They  have been reminded to check HomeLogic

January 4 – 6

We are in the final stretch before the end of the semester. It is important that students stay focused in all of their classes and do their best to keep up and get help when needed. C & D 7, 8, & 9 We have 6 classes left counting today so lets get busy. If

Individual Projects

Students in all grades are now working on their individual projects. Since students are selecting their own projects their is a great deal of responsibility on them to work through the planning and design of their projects as it is not possible for me to provide instruction relevant to each students project. As a result my

December 7, 8, & 9

Only 9 Construction & Design classes left in the semester counting today! Grade 7 Students continued to work on the following: Wood – cut, drill, sand Metal – cut, bend, rivet Once students finished the began to explore, plan, and design their own individual projects. Grade 8 Most of the Grade 8 students are close to

November 26, 27, & 30

Only 11 Construction & Design classes left in the semester counting today! Grade 7 The students were provided with an introduction to the bandsaw, drill press, belt & disc sander, scroll saw, metal guillotine, box and pan brake, and also some hand tools for metal working. They were given a small piece of wood and